Top 5 Best Practices in Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the commonly used marketing strategies. Many online businesses and even some commercial establishments without online presence are making used of this marketing method to increase their customer base and make more sales. However, as with other ways of promoting products and services, there are rules and acceptable practices to abide by in order to make the best from it. If you are planning to market your product/service using email marketing method and buy emails, it is of crucial importance that you follow the rules. Here are the best practices to follow in email marketing.

Find out what works best with your audience using A/B page tests

It is paramount that you find out and test new ideas using A/B page test. This will help you to discover what will be perfect for your audience when it comes to click rates and open rates.

Get a lot of links

The number of links you have determines, to a greater extent, the amount of clicks you will have. Given this, if you want to increase the number of links you have, it is of crucial importance that you build up plenty of links to boost the number of clicks you will have. If you have a few number of links, definitely, you will have few clicks. Experience has also shown that having hyperlinks can also improve your click rate.

Make your subject lines very short

One aspects of your commercial emails that you should not joke with is the subject lines. It is the first message your customers see before clicking on the email to read the entire message. You don’t have to make it lengthy so that it will not be too boring. Besides, if it is too long, the recipients may not read all of them. So, keep it short and straight to the point. You should be able to summarise the content of your commercial message in the subject lines. The receiver of your email should get the idea of what the entire message is all about by reading only the subject lines.

Make it mobile friendly

We are also in the era of mobile devices. Many people today prefer reading their emails with their mobile devices. So, if you want to have an effective email marketing campaign, you have to go mobile. This is because a greater percent of your target audience is likely to be accessing their email inbox regularly with their phones. Only a handful of them make use of laptop and desktop computer in connecting to the internet in order to read their emails.

Master the laws

As I have mentioned above, every marketing strategy has rules that users must follow to make the best from it and avoid legal penalties. Email marketing also has its rules and laws. If you want to take a full advantage of this strategy, it is important that you read up the laws governing it in your area and abide by them. In this way, you will avoid being slammed with a fine for violating the laws.